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Blue Dawn

a Studio release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 2006

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The tracks on this album were recorded in 1988. during Tangerine Dream's 1988 North American Tour. These songs are a collaboration between Edgar Froese & Ralf Wadepfuhl, members of TD during that tour.
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  1. where dreams are large and airy (6:21)
  2. riding the wind (4:37)
  3. thunderheads(7:27)
  4. eagle's crest (5:37)
  5. food for the gods (8:24)
  6. without a bad conscience (6:02)
  7. cardamom route (5:02)
  8. a world away from gagaland (7:06)
  9. native companions (4:14)
  10. blue dawn (7:01)
Edgar Froese
Paul Haslinger
Ralf Wadepfuhl
Music composition and performances

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