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Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon

a Studio release
Tributes: Pink Floyd

Release Year: 2006

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Purple Pyramid / Cleopatra
Producer Billy Sherwood
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 12/16/2006 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Speak To Me / Breathe
  2. On The Run
  3. Time
  4. Great Gig In The Sky, The
  5. Money
  6. Us And Them
  7. Any Colour You Like
  8. Brain Damage
  9. Eclipse
  10. Bonus original track: Where We Belong
Billy Sherwood
vocals, organ, piano, bass, orchestral keyboards, steel guitar
Malcolm McDowell
Tommy Shaw,
Adrian Belew
C.C. White
vocals, backing vocals
Michael Sherwood
backing vocals
Jeff Baxter "Skunk"
guitars, pedal steel
Gary Green
vocals, guitars
Steve Howe
steel guitar
Dweezil Zappa
lead guitar
Peter Banks,
Robben Ford
Bob Kulick
Robby Krieger
sitar, guitar
David Sancious
Tony Kay
organ, rhodes, keyboards
Rick Wakeman
Larry Fast,
Steve Porcaro,
Geoff Downes
John Giblin,
Tony Levin,
Jimmy Haslip,
Tony Franklin
Colin Moulding,
John Wetton
vocals, bass
Jay Schellen,
Pat Mastelotto,
Aynsley Dunbar,
Vinnie Colaiuta,
Bill Bruford
Alan White
drums, percussion, roto toms
Scotty Page,
Edgar Winter

Reviewed by Nuno on 29 Dec 2006

When in 2005 Billy Sherwood was able to gather around a full star list of musicians to record an excellent version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the result was something that while faithful to the original, had lots and lots of nuances and details which made the final result an object of praising by this reviewer.
Well, Billy is back to this business of versioning PF’s albums, and this time he has picked 1973’s masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon. To accomplish the making of this version he has reunited many of the artists that were featured in the above mentioned Back against the wall, and has been joined by other great musicians, now contributing to this Return to the Dark Side of the Moon.

This time around, besides recreating a legendary album from the golden period of Pink Floyd, and an album that is still considered by many one of th top 10 albums ever released, Billy and his mates have not quite achieved the same brilliant results as with their recreation of The Wall.
While this version is extremely well played, and the album is perfectly recreated, the problem seems to be exactly that!: The version is way too close to the original, lacking in terms of those healthy and constant nuances that the previous recreation had.
Ok, so this is still a good add for those who collect PF versions and tributes, and for die-hard Pink Floyd fans. But the sheer quality of the musicians involved here, and the fact that the previous version album had been so brilliantly done, was enough for me to expect a bit more from this one. And despite I do like it immensely, I still think that it suffers a bit from lack of differencial playing and detailed (even if small) adds.