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a Live release
Soft Machine

Release Year: 2006

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Cuneiform Records (RUNE 230/231)
This is a CD/DVD set. The music was recorded live at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on October 25, 1970. The timing was a few months after the release of Third
The DVD shows the band recorded at the TV studios of Radio Bremen on the same date (March 23, 1971) as the radio session that Cuneiform released as Virtually, but is a completely different performance. This was the band's final European tour with Robert Wyatt and is a 20 minute set, professionally recorded by a multicamera crew.
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  1. Facelift 6:59
  2. Virtually 15:34
  3. Out-Bloody-Rageous 8:12
  4. Neo-Caliban Grides 10:13
  5. Teeth 8:03
  6. Slightly All the Time 10:34
  7. Eamonn Andrews 1:36
  8. Esther's Nose Job 11:22
  9. Slightly All the Time / Noisette 6:43
Robert Wyatt
Drums, Vocals
Elton Dean
Saxophone, Sax (Alto), Saxello
Hugh Hopper
Mike Ratledge
Organ, Piano, Keyboards