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a Studio release
Mike Keneally

Release Year: 1992

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Steve Vai, who initiated the arrangement, said, 'Mike Keneally is a musical giant who creates emotional, passionate and challenging musical art. He's compelled by his own creativity and can wield harmonic tapestries in a dimension where the air is thin yet delicious. I'm extremely pleased that he’s chosen Favored Nations to help make his music more available around the world.'
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  1. Your Quimby Dollars At Work
  2. I Can't Stop
  3. Ugly Town
  4. Open Up!
  5. Dhen Tin
  6. Spearmint Pup
  7. Fencing
  8. Always Man
  9. My Immense Superiority Over The Silverfish
  10. Eno And The Actor
  11. The Car Song
  12. Heaven Likes You / Apple Pie
  13. Backstage With Wilson Phillips
  14. Here Is What I Dreamed
  15. Here Is Why
  16. Performing Miracles
  17. Spoon Guy
  18. And That's Why It's Called Spunk
  19. Johnny One-Note / The Exciting New Toothpaste From Mars
  20. Day Of The Cow 1
  21. Snowcow
  22. Day Of The Cow 2
  23. We're Rockin' All Night WIth The Tangy Flavor of Cheddar
  24. Rosemary Girl
  25. Lightnin' Roy

Mike Keneally
guitars, vocals, keyboards, bass, scront goont, percussion

Doug Lunn

Scott Thunes

Doug Booth

Toss Panos
drums, percussion

Alan Silverstein
drums, percussion

Tom Freeman
drums, percussion


Marty Eldridge: percussion

Mark DeCerbo: vocals

Kevin Gilbert: vocals

Darryl Monroe: vocals

Carlos Olmeda: vocals

Cici Porter: vocals

Bob Tedde: vocals

Andy Vereen vocals

Reviewed by MJBrady on 08 Sep 2001

To say Mike Keneally can play a lot of music styles is a gross understatement, he is doing something a little left of what his mentor Frank Zappa was doing, his music can be intoxicatingly hook filled, and extremely complex at the same time, his voice is very likeable, almost Elvis Costello like, and he maintains the zaniness of Zappa. There are some large differences to their musics as as well, Mike is equally adept as a guitarist and keyboardist, showing chops equal to the very best around. His compositional style, at least on this cd, is very fragmented, having 25 songs on it should be an indicator of that. So whats it like? Well?, that's a good question, how about this for an explanation. Albert Einstein, who is also a schizophrenic, along with his genius, graduates from Julliard with a Phd in music theory, gets an electric guitar and some keyboards, and forces his band members to learn the non-sensical meanderings of his musical moods, locks them all in a studio and makes a cd of it. Sorry if this seems to unprofessional of an explanation, but listen and discover the genius of Keneally, he seemingly has grabbed the torch of Zappas' creative fire, and adopted his own twist on it, making for some very deep and humorous music, it's all about fun.

Reviewed by Others on 02 Aug 2002

- - Review/Comments by Sil - -
From the first quirky moments of “Hat, thank you for buying Hat,” to the falling moments of Lightnin Roy this CD is all that is brilliant about Mike Keneally. I am not the biggest fan of Frank Zappa and those in his camp but find the musical brilliance of his students to be intriguing and oftentimes entertaining. Hat is both of those. The lyrics contain the smart-ass sentiments one expects from a Zappa student though they are not misogynistic like his teacher’s, they are certainly every bit as acerbic. The Car Song is a sentiment I think every American male who grew up in an auto-obsessed culture can identify with. I love this album, at times I am stunned by its composition and occasionally it challenges me to redefine the meaning of progressive. It is ten years old and sounds like it was released tomorrow. If you enjoy guitar and keyboard virtuosity, biting lyrics with an edgy sound, this CD is for you.