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Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella

a Studio release
Tributes: Pink Floyd

Release Year: 2006

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Released on VOCOMOTION Records
All sounds created by the human voice. No instruments or drums were used in this sound recording.
Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella has been nominated for Best Pop/Rock Album in the 2006 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs).
Dark Side of the Moon A Cappella" is an all-vocal version of Pink Floyd's magnum opus "Dark Side of the Moon." No instruments were used in the recording of this unique version of the album. Eight singers and one "vocal percussionist" (similar to a beatboxer) recreate the original work in its entirety.
The album was recorded in High Definition, without breaks between the tracks (as in the original), and is as close to the original in timing as possible, thus preserving its "Wizard of Oz Compatibility." Produced and mixed by the renowned a cappella Producer, Freddie Feldman.
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  1. Speak to me
  2. Breathe
  3. On the run
  4. Time
  5. The great gig in the sky
  6. Money
  7. Us and them
  8. Any colour you like
  9. Brain damage
  10. Eclipse
Jon Krivitzky
Tenor, Arranger, Music Director
Freddie Feldman
Vocal Percussion, Producer
Stephanie Lewin,
Jennifer Feucht
Melissa Smithson
Michael Mahler,
Chris Feucht
Alan Schmuckler
Dan Riley
    Jill Feldman
    Marty Gasper
    Bill Hare
    Tzvia Krivitzky
    Mike Mendyke
    Jonathan Minkoff
    Diana Preisler
    Deke Sharon