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Celestine Prophecy - A Musical Voyage

a Studio release
Christopher Franke

Release Year: 1996

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Sonic Images Records
Music Composed by Christopher Franke
Music Performed by Christopher Franke and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra and conducted by Alan Wagner
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  1. The Celestine Theme 5:41
  2. Guided Dream To The Manuscript 5:35
  3. Viciente 5:28
  4. A Radient Band Of Light 4:32
  5. Jensen - The Energy Thief 3:55
  6. Mystical Experience On The Mountain 5:30
  7. The Mission Of Father Sanchez 5:40
  8. Illumination 4:30
  9. Scene At The Crossroads 4:09
  10. The Quest For Unity 5:00
  11. Confrontation 5:13
  12. The Mystery Of The Ruins - Wil's Transformation 6:40

Christopher Franke


Paul Horn: American Flute & Chinese Flute

Andy Abad: Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele & Charango

Kazu Matsui: Shakuhachi & Japanese Flutes

Doerte Lau: Glas Harmonium

Jie Chen: Tibetan Voices

Paul Frederick: Metaphone & Santur

Taiwanes Nay Tribe: Aboriginal Chanting

Karen Han: Er-Hu & Chinese Violin

Arturo Garcia Orozco: SanPona & Peruvian Flutes

Brice Martin: Digerido & Australien Flutes

Jim Walker: Pan Flute & Bamboo Flute

Sirah Vettese: Vocals

Jim Gilstrap: African Voices

Ray Yslas: Peruvian & African Percussion

Li-Chun Chang: Throat Voices

Katie Kirkpatrick: Celtic & Irish Harp

Deborah Holland: Celtic Voices & Vocals