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Floating World Live

a Live release
Soft Machine

Release Year: 2006

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This is a Moonjune release also available as Musea Royaume-Uni (FGBG 4651) release.
This CD marks the first release of a live performance by Soft Machine's "Bundles" line-up featuring Allan Holdsworth on guitar. This concert, recorded for Radio Bremen in Jan. 1975, consists of most of the "Bundles" material.
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  1. The Floating World
  2. Bundles
  3. Land Of The Bag Snake
  4. Ealing Comedy
  5. The Man Who Waved At Trains
  6. Peff
  7. North Point
  8. Hazard Profile (Part One)
  9. J.S.M.
  10. Riff III
  11. Song Of Aeolus
  12. Endgame
  13. Penny Hitch (Coda)
Allan Holdsworth
electric guitar, violin
Karl Jenkins
recorder, oboe, soprano saxophone, piano, electric piano
Mike Ratledge
electric piano, organ, synthesizer
Roy Babbington
electric bass
John Marshall
drums, percussion

Reviewed by Nuno on 21 Apr 2006

Captured live in a radio station in mid 70’s, after the release of Bundles, this now turned available performance is an album that must absolutely be owned by fans of the band. This mainly because it features a full inspired and focused Allan Holdsworth, doing scale upon scale of fingering guitar savvy and perfect notion of his improvisation skills. What is most impressive is the way Allan interacts with the other band members, departing from the fact he had only joined a few months earlier, and would leave just a couple months later...

Though known as one of the top Canterbury bands, Soft Machine were, by this time, more focused in the jazz-rock and fusion side of their wide musicality. And the band was fully matured and conscientious of their musical scope and individual ability to play tight pieces with the same ease they would improvise and still things would come out looking like exhaustively rehearsed….like few bands are able to achieve.
Though all members are in full form and have great performances here, no doubt that this is a Holdsworth driven live set, as he really stands out with a stellar playing that is only achievable by the true pre-destined.

Fans of Soft Machine, Allan Holdsworth, Guitar virtuoso playing, Fusion and great improvising jazz-rock all must get their hands in this album. You won’t be disappointed. Even if this is really not my specialty area, I can easily notice the quality of this live act, and assure most accurate listeners about its interest!