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Poland (The Warsaw Concert)

a Live release
Tangerine Dream

Release Year: 1984

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Originally released as a double album in 1984
Reissued in CD format in 1996.
Poland was also issued in a shortened single CD format under the title Extracts from Poland in 1996. The Extracts release does not contain the track Tangent).
Recorded on December 10th, 1983 at the Ice Stadium (Warsaw)
It took the band almost one year to get all the paperwork cleared to enter the then "iron-curtained" Poland. The music which can be heard was recorded under very extreme weather conditions in December 1983.
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  1. Poland (22:36)
  2. Tangent (19:59)
  3. Barbakane (18:04)
  4. Horizon (21:10)
Edgar Froese
Organ, Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Mellophonium, Producer, Mellotron, VCS 3 Synthesizer
Christopher Franke
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, VCS 3 Synthesizer
Johannes Schmoelling
Synthesizer, Keyboards

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