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a Studio release
Soft Machine

Release Year: 1973

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1973 LP
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 8/29/2001 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Fanfare - :42
  2. All White - 4:46
  3. Between - 2:24
  4. Riff - 4:36
  5. 37 1/2 - 6:51
  6. Gesolreut - 6:17
  7. E.P.V. - 2:47
  8. Lefty - 4:56
  9. Stumble - 1:42
  10. 5 from 13 (For Phil Seamen With Love &...) - 5:15
  11. Riff II - 1:20
  12. The Soft Weed Factor - 11:13
  13. Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album - 5:50
  14. Chloe and the Pirates - 9:28
  15. 1983 - 7:11
Mike Ratledge
Organ, Synthesizer, Electric piano
John Marshall
Hugh Hopper
Karl Jenkins
Oboe, Soprano sax, Electric piano

Reviewed by Eric on 24 Jul 2005

I never quite understood this album cover? In any case, I am not the biggest fusion fan in the world either although I do own some Weather Report, Return to Forever and other things, but it’s not a genre I ever gravitated to in a big way. Soft Machine during this period was something that I do enjoy, reminding me at times, dare I commit such sacrilege (?)- of early Journey although not quite as ‘heavy’ (little known- both bands toured together here in the States in 1975).

This album has a groove and a feel that few Fusion albums I have heard can compare to. The playing is stellar, thankfully Elton Dean is long gone (he almost ruined Soft Machine in my opinion) and the CD is something I can play and always hear something new each time.

Soft Machine have been a band with so many faces and styles, it’s not possible for everyone to like all of their output, but Six is one of their best which I am sure most Fusion fans already know. Now you know.