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God Won't Give Up

a Studio release
Neal Morse (The Neal Morse Band)

Release Year: 2005

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All Songs Written By Neal Morse
This CD contains tracks written in 2002 around the time Morse was working on Snow as a member of Spock's Beard
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  1. I Sing My Love (3:48)
  2. His Mercy Endureth (4:09)
  3. King of Love (3:36)
  4. The Crossroads (5:26)
  5. Save My Life Tonight (4:22)
  6. Love Like You (3:04)
  7. Mountain (4:03)
  8. John's Dream (4:19)
  9. See What God Can Do (4:29)
  10. God Won't Give Up (5:40)
Neal Morse
all instruments, Vocals

Reviewed by DBSilver on 14 Jan 2006

God Won't Give Up is a Christian Rock album which, while filled with quality Morse vocals, musicianship and compositions is not in any way a progressive rock album. These are not exactly new tracks though they are new recordings. A large part of this music was written durring 2002 - about the time Spock's Beard were working on Snow. The tracks reflect Morse's love of Christ and in at least one case, The Crossroads reflects some of his circumstances in deciding to leave the band and go out to spread 'the word'. Outside of Morse's wonderful voice there is the knack he has for writing wonderful melody and chorus lines. It brings to mind Phil Keaggy's more pop-inspirational releases (excepting that Keaggy, to my delight, flashes his guitar technique in his releases). This is a generalization of course and this is no doubt a fine album for those who want a nice rock album filled with inspirational Christian theme.

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