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a Studio release
Billy Cobham

Release Year: 1973

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1973 LP
Great fusion/Jazz-rock album of Billy Cobham. Also playing Jan Hammer on Keyboards who made succesfull fusion albums like this with Jeff Beck.("Wired" and "Blow by Blow")
Tommy Bolin (James Gang/Deep Purple) on guitar.
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  1. Quadrant 4 (4:20)
  2. Searching for the Right Door/Spectrum (6:33)
  3. Anxiety/Taurian Matador (4:44)
  4. Stratus (9:50)
  5. To the Women in My Life/Le Lis (4:11)
  6. Snoopy's Search/Red Baron (7:39)
Billy Cobham
Tommy Bolin,
John Tropea
Jan Hammer
Ray Barretto
Lee Sklar,
Ron Carter
Jimmy Owens
Joe Farrell
Flute, Sax

Reviewed by Rob on 03 Sep 2001

Great fusion/ Jazz rock album of Billy Cobham.
When you like the Jeff Beck albums " Wired" and "Blow by Blow" you will like this one too. Specially "stratus" is a great song,that's also covered by Spock's Beard on the CD "From the Vault".

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