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Storie fuori dal tempo

a Studio release

Release Year: 2005

Date Label Catalog # Comments
2005 Ma.Ra.Cash Records MRC 006
Ma.Ra.Cash Records (MRC006)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 1/4/2006 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 8/15/2010 12:52:00 PM by: Rob
  1. Ouverture (6.00)
  2. Mosaico di Colori (5.13)
  3. No Photo (7.07)
  4. Pagine di Poesie (6.45)
  5. Klaus (5.42)
  6. Morgana (31.16)
    • Part 1 - Il Sogno Rivive
    • Part 2 - Il Castello
    • Part 3 - Negli Abissi
    • Part 4 - Puri Zaffiri
Simona Rigano
Keyboards and Voice
Tino Nastasi
Sabrina Rigano
Flute and Saxophone
Fabio Ucchino
Bass and Pedal Bass
Natale Russo
Drums and Percussion
Special Guest
    Antonella Cernuto

Reviewed by Controneo on 04 Jan 2006

The melodies, the power, the spirit of the classical Italian prog albums revive in Conqueror's Storie fuori dal Tempo. There are touches of Celeste, PFM, and here and there nods to Medieval music (mostly in the last song, a long suite 30 minutes long). It's Italian progressive rock at its best, here. This album is a must-have for everybody who loves symphonic progressive rock. One of the main elements of the group is the female vocalist and keyboardist. With her gentle voice she enriches most of the album, which has also a lot of instrumental parts. She, like others from this group, is very young (from 1981) and can rely on a classical background of musical studies performed in the local conservatory. The lyrics are strong and poetic, but only Italian speakers would be able to enjoy them. I think that Conqueror is one of the most Italian promising bands, as of today, but I have the feeling they are still in the middle of a process towards their maturity. The next album (which would be their third) is posed to be even better, then. They need one more album to show more clearly their own distinctive style and to get a top role in the progressive scene.