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Space Ritual 1994 Live [DVD]

a Live Video release
Nik Turner

Release Year: 1994

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Video recording
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  1. Ghost Dance
  2. Watching the Grass Grow
  3. D-Rider
  4. Master of the Universe
  5. Sonic Attack
  6. Thoth
  7. King
  8. God Rock - Slo Blo
  9. Seranade
  10. Throw Away the Rind
  11. Utopia 2000
  12. Brainstorm
  13. Ejection
  14. The Awakening
  15. The Right Stuff
  16. Armour for Everyday
  17. Nirbasion Annasion
  18. Yiu Shouldn't Do That
  19. T.V as Eyes
  20. Orgone Accumulator
  21. Silver Machine
Chris McKay
Nik Turner
Flute, Percussion, Vocals, Saxophone
Andrew Weiss
Len del Rio
Synthesizer, Tapes, Keyboards, Percussion, Moog Synthesizer
Paul Della Pelle
Percussion, Drums
Jon Weiss
Tommy Grenas
Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
Z. Silver
Helios Creed
Guitar, Vocals, Sampling, Producer, Percussion
Del Dettmar
Synthesizer, Synthaxe
Paul Fox
Bass, Vocals, Percussion