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Xitintoday (Nik Turner's Sphynx)

a Studio release
Nik Turner

Release Year: 1978

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1978 Charisma LP
29 Jan 2007 Eclectic Records CD (Remastered with 20-page booklet and additional liner notes by Nik Turner)
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  1. The Awakening (Life on Venus)
  2. The Pyramid Spell
  3. The Hall of Double Truth
  4. Anubis
  5. Thoth
  6. Horus
  7. Isis & Nepthys
  8. Osiris
  9. God Rock (The Awakening)
Bonus Tracks on 2007 reissue:
  1. Flute music recorded in the Great Pyramid
Nik Turner
Vocals, Winds
Tim Blake,
Miquette Giraudy
Mike Howlett
Steve Hillage
Morris Pert,
Alan Powell