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Xitintoday (Nik Turner's Sphynx)

a Studio release
Nik Turner

Release Year: 1978

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1978 LP
Originally released by Charisma
Re-released in 1997 on CD
Remastered and reissued with 1 previously unreleased bonus track by Eclectic Discs (ECLCD1055) on 29 Jan 2007. This reissue contains a fully restored 20-page booklet and additional liner notes by Nik Turner.
Produced by Steve Hillage
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  1. The Awakening (Life on Venus)
  2. The Pyramid Spell
  3. The Hall of Double Truth
  4. Anubis
  5. Thoth
  6. Horus
  7. Isis & Nepthys
  8. Osiris
  9. God Rock (The Awakening)

    Bonus Tracks on 2007 reissue

  10. Flute music recorded in the Great Pyramid
Nik Turner
Vocals, Winds
Tim Blake,
Miquette Giraudy
Mike Howlett
Steve Hillage
Morris Pert,
Alan Powell