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a Studio release
Nik Turner

Release Year: 1996

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Compilation of live tracks recorded at The Great American Music Hall on Sunday 6th August 1995, the Fox Theater, Boulder, Colarado on 30th July 1995 and At Emo's, Austin, Texas on 5th July 1995
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  1. Dream Worker
  2. Kadu Flyer
  3. Lord of the Hornets
  4. Warriors on the Edge of Time
  5. Spiral Galaxy 28948
  6. Dying Seas
  7. Soul Herder
  8. Opa-Loka 2000
  9. 10 Seconds of Forever
  10. Ejection
  11. Audio Energy
  12. High Rise
  13. Silver Machine
  14. You Shouldn't Do That
Michael Moorcock
Alan Powell
Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Nik Turner
Flute, Vocals, Saxophone
Len del Rio
Synthesizer, Electronic Sounds, Electronics
Tommy Grenas
Guitar, Vocals
Doran Shelley
Brandon Labelle
Percussion, Drums
Del Dettmar
Paul Fox
Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Simon House
Jello Biafra