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YesYears (4 CDs)

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 1991

Date Label Catalog # Comments
CD Atco PCRD-4019-2
This 4 cd-box gives you a good impression of the different stages YES went thru.
From the first recordings till the CD Big Generator. Every membership setting is on this CD.
The compilation has several unique recordings - unreleased or remastered.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 8/21/2001 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Something's Coming
  2. Survival
  3. Every Little Thing
  4. Then
  5. Everydays
  6. Sweet Dreams
  7. No Opportunity Necessary,No experience Needed
  8. Time and Word
  9. Starship Trooper
  10. Yours is no Disgrace
  11. I've Seen all good People
  12. Long dice Rundabout
  13. The Fish


  1. Roundabout
  2. Heart of the Sunrise
  3. America
  4. Close to the Edge
  5. Ritual-Nous Sommes du Soleil
  6. Sound Chaser


  1. Soon
  2. Vevey-Part 1
  3. Wonderous stories
  4. Awaken
  5. Montreux's Theme
  6. Vevey-part2
  7. Going for the one
  8. Money
  9. Abile
  10. Don't Kill the Whale
  11. On the silent wings of freedom
  12. Does it really happen?
  13. Tempus Fugit
  14. Run with the fox
  15. I'm Down


  1. Make it easy
  2. It can Happen
  3. Owner of a lonely heart
  4. Hold on
  5. Shoot High,Aim low
  6. Rhythm of love
  7. Love will find a way
  8. Changes
  9. And you and I
  10. Heart of the sunrise
  11. Love Conquers all


Jon Anderson

Peter Banks

Tony Kay (1.1-1.11)

Bill Bruford

Chris Squire

Rick Wakeman (1.12, 1.13)


Jon Anderson

Bill Bruford (1-4,6)

Steve Howe

Chris Squire

Rick Wakeman (1-5)

Alan White (5)

Patrick Moraz (6)


Patric Moraz (1, 16)

Jon Anderson (1,3-12,15)

Rick Wakeman (3-12)

Steve Howe (1,4-6,8-15)

Chris Squire (1,2,4-6,8-15)

Alan White (1,4-6,8-15)

Geoff Downes (13, 14)

Trevor Horn (13, 14)


Jon Anderson (3-11)

Tony Kaye

Trevor Rabin

Chris Squire

Alan White

Billy Sherwood (11 additional Keyboards and solo added)

Reviewed by Rob on 22 Aug 2001

Some interesting recordings are on this CD.
CD-1Then and Everydays are unreleased BBC- session recordings.
CD-3 Soon is a single edit. Amazing Grace is a traditional previous unreleased.
Montreux's Theme, Vevey part 1 and 2 and The Beatles cover I'm Down are previous unreleased.
CD-4 Make it easy, It can happen, Changes, And you and I, Heart of the Sunrise and Love conquers all,are unreleased tracks.
Specially And you and I is a very nice recording.It's the best recording of that song and it gives me the shivers everytime. SUPPURB !!!

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