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a Studio release
Roine Stolt

Release Year: 1979

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1979 LP
The first solo Roine Stolt CD was made on a Teac Tascam 8-track recorder. On this album was former Kiapa band member Mats Lindberg who along with Stolt quit Kiapa in 1979.
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  1. Nytt Blod
  2. Som Svalor Mot Skyn
  3. Samhällets Olycksbarn
  4. Dödens Ansikte
  5. Cafè Caruso
  6. Continental Carneval
  7. Silversurfaren
  8. Grodballetten
  9. Giganternas Kamp
  10. Järnhästen
  11. Kinesmarknad
  12. Mr. Evergreen
  13. Lejonhjärta
Roine Stolt
6 & 12 string electric guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, vocals, percussion, guitar synthesizer
Mats Lofgren
Janne Ahman
Ninna Hogman
Haken Hultman
drums, vocals
Mats Lindberg
bass, moog, taurus pedals, tubular bells
Per Andreasson
Hans Bruniusson
drums, mallets
Andreas Zeitler
alto saxaphone