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a Studio release
Barock Project

Release Year: 2005

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Info at the band's website.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 11/19/2005 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Eclissi
  2. Odio
  3. Volo
  4. Gentile Direttore
  5. Danza Senza Fine
  6. Un Altro Mondo
Luca Pancaldi
Luca Zabbini
Keyboards, Cori
G.B. Giorgi
Giacomo Calabria
Vincenzo Pastano

Reviewed by Marc on 23 Nov 2005

Listening to this demo album from Italian band Barock Project brings me back to the great groups of the seventies like PFM, Banco and Le Orme... to name a few.

Barock Project play some very emotional Symphonic Prog, very much in the Italian tradition, and they do it well. The six tracks on this album are all great, the musician's performances being excellent. Luca Pancaldi is a very good singer, somewhat reminding me of Le Orme's Aldo Tagliapietra, but better.

This album being a demo, I do not know if it can be purchased. Go to the band's website using our direct link to download some music and perhaps to contact them to find out how to get some of their music. Fans of Symphonic Italian Prog should not pass these guys out. Great stuff indeed.

Reviewed by Jean on 28 Nov 2005

I can’t but share Marc’s opinions listening to this demo of Barock Project. It has been quiet for me for some time at the Italian prog scene but I knew something will sooner or later happen. And now it did: Barock Project is the best prog I’ve heard for a long time. I’d even say that the title track “Eclissi” is one of the best prog compositions of this year.

You can hear traces of mid 70’s – era Genesis and PFM. The band plays well together and like in the case of those old masters, no instrument rises on top of another. Classical training can be heard througout the music which makes it a delight to listen.

Barock Project has even dared to use simple and beautiful melodies which are too often forgotten in modern & technical orientated prog.

Being a demo, there are some weaker moments too on the cd but the critizism goes to sound quality, not to the material. When these guys get some serious studio time they will most defenately break big time in progressive rock cirquit. Indeed - great stuff indeed !