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Masters From The Vault

a Video release
Van der Graaf Generator

Release Year: 2003

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Presented live from Begian TV in 1971, this DVD also includes the standard Masters from the Vault features.
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  1. Theme One
  2. A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers
  3. Pictures Lighthouse
  4. Eyewitness
  5. S.H.M
  6. Presence of the Night
  7. Kosmos Tours
  8. Custard’s Last Stand
  9. The Clot Thickens
  10. Lands End [Sineline]
  11. We Go Now
Guy Evans
drums, percussion, tympani
Hugh Banton
organs, piano, bass, vocals
Peter Hammill
lead vocal, guitar, piano
David Jackson
saxes, flute, vocals
Nick Potter

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