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The Legend, Live in Concert 2000 [DVD]

a Live Video release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 2002

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A CD Version has also been released

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  1. Pachelbel - Canon in D
  2. Birdman of Alcatraz
  3. Catherine Howard/Catherine of Aragon
  4. Seasons of Change
  5. Jane Seymour
  6. The Nursery Rhyme Concerto
  7. Children of Chernobyl
  8. The Recollection/Dance of a Thousand Lights
  9. And You And I/Wondrous Stories
  10. Guinevere/Lancelot and the Black Knight
  11. Help/Eleanor Rigby
  12. Clair de Lune
  13. Morning Has Broken (audio only)
  14. Sea Horses (audio only)
  15. Gone But Not Forgotten (audio only)
  16. Elgin Mansions (audio only)
  17. The Day Thou Gavest Lord, Hath Ended (audio only)
  18. Merlin The Magician (audio only)
Rick Wakeman

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