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Release Year: 1983

Date Label Catalog # Comments
The song Cinema brought Yes a Grammy Award in 1984 for Best Rock Instrumental Performance
CD Atco 90125-2
1983 LP Atco 7901251
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  1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (4:27)
  2. Hold On (5:15)
  3. It Can Happen (5:39)
  4. Changes (6:16)
  5. Cinema (2:09)
  6. Leave It (4:10)
  7. Our Song (4:16)
  8. City Of Love (4:48)
  9. Hearts (7:34)

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Leave It (Single Remix) (3:56)
  2. Make It Easy (6:12)
  3. It Can Happen (Cinema Version) (6:05)
  4. It's Over (5:41)
  5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Extended Remix) (7:05)
  6. Leave It ('A Capella' Version) (3:18)
Jon Anderson
Trevor Rabin
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Squire
Bass, Guitar (Bass), Vocals
Alan White
Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Trevor Horn
Tony Kaye

Reviewed by MJBrady on 29 Oct 2001

This cd marks a comeback of sorts for Yes, although they never really went away, the comeback was getting back on the radio. The song "Owner of a lonely heart" made it to the top of many charts world-wide and reminded a lot of people that the band still existed. This is also a time in the bands history where they were redefining their sound. Guitarist/vocalist Trevor Rabin, brought a different approach to the bands sound with his contributions as a writer. His guitar playing was also a big change, as he brought a more fusion/metal style, that was a huge contrast to Howes' classical/folk flavor. Also back in the band was keyboardist Tony Kaye, his style of play is more as an accompaniment, rather than as a soloist, which the band had been employing in the likes of Moraz&Wakeman. Many people have shunned this album as a "POP" rock rather than a prog album, thouh I find the music very enticing to listen to. Some excellent vocal arrangements are heard throughout, bringing back the trademark harmonies heard on Fragile & Close to the Edge, and musically the songs are very memorable. And the new found "power" in the bands energy makes this a very good album, and rates in the top 5 all-time Yes albums for me.

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