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Piano Vibrations

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 1971

Date Label Catalog # Comments
1971 LP
1971 LP Polydor 2460135
Reissued in 2003 by United States Of Distribution LTD.

As the track list reveals, this is a set of covers of many of the popular songs of the day as well as some odd choices. The performances are straight - faithful as an 'easy listening' recording should be. This is not the Wakeman most readers will care tho hear.

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  1. Take me to the pilot (3:00)
  2. Yellow man (2:36)
  3. Cast your fate to the wind (2:35)
  4. Gloria, Gloria (3:08)
  5. Your song (3:45)
  6. Delta lady (3:26)
  7. A picture of you (2:59)
  8. Sweet home Oklahoma (3:22)
  9. Fire and rain (3:25)
  10. Classical gas (2:56)
Rick Wakeman
Other vocalists and instruments.

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