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IC 01: 05-03

a FanClub release
Neal Morse (Inner Circle)

Release Year: 2005

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This is the first in a subscription series of Neal Morse releases. When you sign up for a subscription you receive:
  • A monthly letter with photos and insider info in your email box.
  • Every other month you will receive either an audio disc or a DVD of unreleased material like new demos, pre-views of album cuts, radio interviews, unreleased live music, rare footage of recording and public appearances of every kind. The cost in Jun 2005 was $10.00 per month in the US and Canada , $12.00 (approximately 9 Euros) per month outside the US.
    To sign up and learn more visit Radiant Records
  • Added To Proggnosis Database on: 6/22/2005 12:00:00 AM
    Entry Last Updated on: 11/25/2012 5:48:00 AM by: Rob
    1. Preamble (5:30)
    2. Isaiah 60 (Live at GMA 4/12/05 ) (8:00)
    3. Mr. Potato Head (Demo 1999) (4:18)
    4. Cradle to the Grave (Live at GMA 4/12/05 ) (6:30)
    5. Green (Outtake from 1st solo album) (2:48)
    6. Tell Me Annabelle (Outtake from 1st solo album) (4:23)
    7. What Is Life? (Live at GMA 4/12/05 ) (4:55)
    8. I Am Nothing (Demo January 2005) (4:22)
    9. Snow Demo Segment (2001) (15:34)
    10. Home Is Where The Hurt Is (Demo 1996) (2:59)
    11. Everybody Needs The Money (Demo 1999) (3:59)
    12. Sing It High (Live at GMA 4/12/05 ) (8:34)
    Neal Morse
    Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
    On Live at GMA tracks
      Phil Keaggy
      Guitar and vocals
      Randy George
      Carl Groves
      Keyboards and guitar
      Mark Leniger
      Rick Altizer
      Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion

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