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Magic/Simplicity Of Expression, Depth Of Thought

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release
Billy Cobham

Release Year: 1998

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Sony International

This is a two on one reissue of 1977's Magic and 1978's Simplicity of Expression, Depth of Thought

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  1. On a Magic Carpet Ride
  2. AC/ DC
  3. Leaward Winds
  4. Puffnstuff
  5. "Anteres" the Star
  6. Magic / Reflections in the Clouds/ Magic- Recapitulation
  7. Bolinas
  8. Guernica
  9. Pocket Change
  10. Indigo
  11. Opelousas
  12. Early Libra
Billy Cobham
Percussion, Drums, Vocals
Steve Khan
Ray Mouton
Joachim Kühn
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Mini Moog, Piano
Mark Soskin
Piano, Keyboards, Electrric Piano, Oberheim
Alvin Batiste
Clarinet, Vocals, Background Vocals, Woodwind, Hambone
Eddie Daniels
Tenor Sax, Woodwind
Wayne Andre,
George Quinn,
Alan Raph
Donald Corrado,
Brooks Tillotson
French Horn
Mike Lawrence,
Marvin Stamm
Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Sheila Escovedo
Jonathan Abramowitz,
Anahid Aiemian,
Peter Dimitriades,
Richard Hendrickson,
Charles McCracken,
David Nadienv,
Matthew Raimondi,
Louis Shulman
Zachary Sanders,
Raymond Simpson,

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