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a Studio release
Arti E Mestieri

Release Year: 2005

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MaRaCash records
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 5/21/2005 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Alba Mediterranea
  2. Gianfranco
  3. Danza di Luna
  4. Petra
  5. Aura
  6. Cinderella
  7. Il Canto del Mattino
  8. Prometeo
  9. Ode
  10. Gravità 9.81
  11. Flautofonie
Corrado Trabuio
Marco Roagna
electric &acoustic guitar
Alfredo Ponissi
soprano, alto, tenor & baritone saxs, flute. clarinet
Roberto Cassetta
Furio Chirico
drums & percussions
Beppe Crovella
Hammond, piano, mellotron, rhodes, wurlitzer, minimoog, clavinet
Gigi Venegoni
acoustic & electric guitar on tracks 4 and 11

Reviewed by MJBrady on 14 Jul 2005

Arti E Mestieri are yet another of the fine Italian groups of the vintage 70's era that still is managing to release new material every so often. The bands' most recent releases prior to this were only hinting at the bands repertoire from their most definitive era, that being the mid 70's where they released the much appraised - Tilt album, and perhaps to a lesser degree - Giro di Valzer per Domani, both of these recordings featured blazing fusion music, much in the vein of what bands like Mahavishnu, Eleventh House, RTF or Iceberg. Anyone hearing these recordings couldn't help hearing the drumming of Furio Churico, who was fully unrestrained in his approach to playing.

1998's Murales and the more recent 2002 release - Articollezione got mixed reviews for the bands new identity, showing the current tastes the musicians have adopted over the years, and though I found each of those to be interesting cds, they did not have the same intensity as the bands' earlier material. Yet Arti E Mestieri have continued to persue their craft, and with this 2005 release - Estrazioni , they have managed to recapture some of their magic and intensity from the past, and along with that, they are showing a more focused compositional basis for their instrumental output.

Churico, Venegoni and Crovella have perservered through the decades, and here have revitalized what was a notorious band, along with some key new members, they have re-ignited the flame of seventies Italian prog, with all of the glorious fusion that Arti E Mestieri were known for, if the cd cover is any indication, you will see a mirage of the same peculiar funnel surrounded by a new background, perhaps as an indication that the band is both shadowing their old sound and style with some new flavor. That is what I am hearing from a band that will always rate high on my listing of great vintage bands, and I am very happy with the results of their efforts on this new cd, I hope the band will continue to be following their musical paths in the direction of the music here on Estrazioni.