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Marbles On The Road

a Video release

Release Year: 2004

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Filmed 10th and 11th July 2004 at the Astoria in London, England
this concert was specifically recorded for a DVD release and the soundtrack is in 5.1 surround sound

A special 2 DVD Extended Edition is available exclusively from Racket Records, and this version includes the remaining songs played during the 2 nights at the Astoria, the first-ever live performances of Marbles songs BEFORE the release of the album at the Marillion Weekend 2003, plus 2 bonus never-seen-before alternate promo videos.

Both discs have some special extra footage on them. To find it, go to the 'Special Features' menu and let the menu play for approximately 3 minutes. The special footage should then play automatically!

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  1. The Invisible Man
  2. Marbles I
  3. You're Gone
  4. Angelina
  5. Marbles II
  6. Don't Hurt Yourself
  7. Fantastic Place
  8. Marbles III
  9. The Damage
  10. Marbles IV
  11. Neverland
  12. Bridge
  13. Living With the Big Lie
  14. The Party
  15. Between You and Me
  16. Uninvited Guest
  17. Cover My Eyes
  19. Marbles EPK
  20. You're Gone (Promo Video)
  21. Don't Hurt Yourself (Promo Video)
    Racket Records 2DVD Extended Edition:
  • This is the 21st Century
  • Quartz
  • Estonia
  • Afraid of Sunlight
  • The Great Escape
  • King
  • Easter


  • Angelina
  • Neverland
  • Don't Hurt Yourself
  • Ocean Cloud


  • You're Gone (Alternate Video)
  • Don't Hurt Yourself (Extended Video)
Steve Hogarth
Mark Kelly
Ian Mosley
Percussion, Drums
Steve Rothery
Pete Trewavas
Bass, Background Vocals

Reviewed by Marc on 03 Aug 2005

Having missed Marillion's stop in Québec City this spring, I had to purchase this DVD. It confirmed that the show I could have seen was a great one.

Marbles On The Road lets us see a band in top form.The first part of the show concentrates on the excellent most recent album by the band Marbles. This is a good thing because I own other DVDs by Marillion so it is nice to hear some new songs live. Steve Hogarth has is Sunday voice and all the band members give a stellar performance. Everyone is in good spirits and the concert is very well filmed, the camera zooming on the right musician at the right moment.

In my opinion, any fan of the band should purchase the extended Edition, the second DVD giving us the rest of the Marbles show ("This is the 21st Century" is just great) and some tracks from the 2003 Marillion Convention. There are also some nice extras for those interested.

For any Marillion fan, Marbles On The Road is a must have. I'm sure glad I bought it.

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