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Before and After Science

a Studio release
Brian Eno

Release Year: 1977

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1977 LP
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  1. No One Receiving (3:51)
  2. Backwater (3:43)
  3. Kurt's Rejoinder (2:53)
  4. Energy Fools the Magician (2:05)
  5. King's Lead Hat (3:53)
  6. Here He Comes (5:40)
  7. Julie with (6:20)
  8. By This River (3:03)
  9. Through Hollow Lands (3:54)
  10. Spider and I (4:08)

Brian Eno
vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, bass


Paul Rudolph: bass, guitar

Percy Jones: fretless bass

Bill MacCormick: bass

Brian Turrington: bass

Phil Collins: drums

Dave Mattacks: drums

Jaki Liebezeit: drums

Andy Fraser: drums

Phil Manzanera: guitar

Fred Frith: guitar

Robert Fripp: guitar

Hans-Joachim Roedelius: piano, electric piano

Dieter Moebius: bass Fender piano

Kurt Schwitters: voice

Shirley Williams: timbales

Rhett Davies: percussion

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