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Nostradamus - The Fate Of Man

a Studio release

Release Year: 2005

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Conceptalbum of the life of Nostradamus (Michael Nostradamus, 14 December or 21 December 1503– 2 July 1566), Saint-Rémy)
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 4/26/2005 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 2/16/2009 8:05:00 AM by: Rob
  1. the secret study 1 (the monk)
  2. a strange and cryptic tale (the people)
  3. friend of the stars (the astrologer's second wife, the scientist, the queen regent, the opponent, the astrologer, the monk)
  4. celestial science (the astrologer)
  5. the student (the university commision)
  6. the dance of death 1 (the people)
  7. fresh air, running water, rose pills (the astrologer)
  8. the monk's comment 1 (the monk)
  9. seekers of truth 1 (the astrologer, the scientist)
  10. the dance of death 2 (the people)
  11. save my wife (the astrologer)
  12. the monk's comment 2 (the monk)
  13. pagan's paradise (the queen regent)
  14. the inquisition (the inquisition)
  15. wandering years (the astrologer)
  16. the monk's comment 3 (the monk)
  17. if history was mine (the queen regent, the monk, the astrologer)
  18. friend of the stars (the queen regent, the monk, the scientist, the opponent)
  1. a man with remarkable talents (the critics, the queen regent, the astrologer's second wife)
  2. settle down (the astrologer, the astrologer's second wife)
  3. the monk's comment 4 (the monk)
  4. the flying squadron (the flying squadron)
  5. dance of mirrors
  6. a royal invitation (the astrologer)
  7. a cruel death + the monk's comment 5 (the monk)
  8. tell me all (the queen regent, the astrologer)
  9. the tournament (the boy, the queen regent)
  10. the golden cage (the queen regent)
  11. seekers of truth 2 (the scientist)
  12. living in two realities (the astrologer, the people)
  13. act of despair (the monk)
  14. the secret study 2 (the astrologer, the monk)
  15. the centuries (the people)
  16. (you won't find me) alive at sunrise (the astrologer, the astrologer's second wife)
  17. friend of the stars 3 (the monk)
  18. the fate of man (the astrologer's second wife, the queen regent, the scientist, the monk, the people)
ton scherpenzeel
keyboards, backing vocals, bass guitar, accordeon
pim koopman
drums, backing vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion
bert heerink
lead vocals as 'the astrologer'
rob vunderink
lead vocals, guitar as 'the opponent'
monique vd ster
lead & backing vocals as 'the queen regent'
edward reekers
lead & backing vocals, voice-over as'the monk'
syb vd ploeg
lead & backing vocals on 'the scientist'
cindy oudshoorn
lead & backing vocals as'the astrologer's second wife'
joost vergoossen
el. & ac. guitar

    marjolein teepen
    vocals as 'the flying squadron'
    eddy koopman
    rens vd zalm
    the nostradamus choir
    vocals as 'the people'
    valentijn agterberg
    voice over as 'the boy'

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