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Monads of Mangonia

a Studio release
The Ullulators

Release Year: 1989

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Cassette Tape
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  1.  Pooja Dub   
  2. Special Brew   
  3. EE-A Whoppa Amu Hé   
  4. Jammu-Tawi Express   
  5. S.M.I.L.E   
  6. In A Space   
  7. In Plaited Hair You Hid The Flow Of Ganges Foam!   
  8. We All Love The Same Girl   
  9. Things Moving About Outside   
  10.  Mangonian Pop Musik   
  11.  Ajos Amour   
  12. Duck Nipples   
  13. Buttering The Guttering   
  14. Agape Dub   
  15. It's A Beautiful Thing   
  16. Honey, The Milk   
  17. Hinayn   
  18. Golden Soldier   
  19. Quiche Alaha   
  20. Harmal Radio

Andy Ull

Vocals, Percussion

Gavin Griffiths

Jane Bradfield
Vocals, Shenai

Joie Hinton
synths, samples

Kay Springer
Bass, Vocals

Generator John