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Beyond the gates of Ull

a Studio release
The Ullulators

Release Year: 1986

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Side A

  1. Ul Ul Ule
  2. Simply conscousous dub
  3. Thump the Hamster
  4. Emerald Table of Hermes
  5. Pineapple People
  6. Whales in the Grass
  7. War apes
  8. Ninuniner
  9. I can Smell Nirvana

Side B

  1. Improbable Muzacks
  2. ?
  3. Slossy Sausages
  4. Living in a nice hedge
  5. Shringala
  6. Fish Punks
  7. Broocesh babhally in the undergrowth Cluck Cluck oi! Nomads of Magnolia (1988?)

Andy Ull


Vocals, Percussion

Gavin Griffiths

Jane Bradfield
Vocals, Shenai

Joie Hinton
synths, samples

Kay Springer
Bass, Vocals

Generator John