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Nobody Can Wait Forever / Best Kept Secret

a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 1990

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This Cd is a rerelease of two sepperate albums. After the 2 previous albums Alquin wanted to make more shorter and acceseble music.It's becoming more Rock-music. New Guinea Sunrise is a great song.

With the introduction of the NEW WAVE music Alquin had an artistic conflict so they desided to split and go each other ways. A live recording and a 'best of' were released.

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  1. New Guinea Sunrise:
    1. Sunrise
    2. Wake Me Up
  2. Mr. Widow
  3. Stranger:
    1. Stranger
    2. You Might As Well Fall
  4. Darling Superstar
  5. Farewell, Miss Barcelona
  6. Wheelchair Groupie
  7. Revolution's Eve:
    1. Revolution's Theme
    2. Nobody Can Wait Forever
  8. Fool In The Mirror:
    1. Sham Fight
    2. Stars End
  9. Central Station Hustle
  10. L.A. Rendez Vous
  11. High Rockin'
  12. One More Night:
    1. Bootlegs Ballet
    2. Laserlights
    3. Back At Loosing End
  13. Take Any Road
Ferdinand Bakker
Guitars, piano, Vocals
Ronald Ottenhoff
Sax and Flute
Dick Franssen
Organ, Keyboards
Michel van Dijk
Lead Vocals
Hein Mars
Paul Westrate
Drums and Percusion
Job Tarenskeen
Drums,Percusion, Sax and VocalsVocals

Reviewed by Rob on 01 Dec 2000

This third and fourth album of the dutch art-prog rock band Alquin are more commutional than the previous 2. From Nobody can wait forever is the opening track New Guinea Sunrise the best track.