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a Studio release

Release Year: 1993

Date Label Catalog # Comments
BELLE 97392
Reissued 1997 by Marquee.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 2/9/2005 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Moon Wind
  2. Enter Marge
  3. Quila Rillion
  4. Endless Green
  5. Mizu no Sono
  6. Lovers In The Dream
  7. Madrigal
  8. Dream Vision
  9. Ralph
  10. The Garden
    - - Bonus tracks: - -
  11. Libra Circuit
  12. Refrain
  13. Tasogareiro no Toki
  14. Flight

Furudate Kunika
vocal, chorus, chorus arrange

Ishikawa Yumi
chorus, chorus arrange, percussion

Kataoka Itsuko
chorus, synthesizer

Yamashita Chiako
piano, chorus

Imai Sawana
synthesizer, chorus, piano

Tachibana Hajime

Kataoka Hideo
synthesizer, vocal, chorus, organ, drums, electric piano, clavinet, cello arrange

Ishikawa Shinichiro
acoustic guitar, guitar arrange

Shinyashiki Noboru
drums, 12strings guitar, bass, chorus, bass aggange, flute, mandolin, bouzouki, auto harp.synthesizer, electric guitar, chorus arrange

Kooriyama Koji
cello, cello solo, cello arrange

Nanjo Nobuaki
electric guitar

Furukawa Toru


Takashina Noriko: vocal & chorus (6)
Hiruma Koichi: electric guitar solo (4), vocal , acoustic guitar (10)
Shiomi Takuo: acoustic piano, synthesizer, keyboard arrange (8)

Reviewed by Hideki on 09 Feb 2005

Lucifer left 6 albums however almost of them are hardly to find. Their last album, Marginia, which is considered their best work is the only work easily to obtain for reasons of circulation.

In celebrattion of the wedding between band members Yamashita Chiako and Shinyashiki Noboru, Marginia was released in 1993. The band at that time consisting of 12 performers, 7 males (Kataoka Hideo,Tachibana,Ishikawa Shinichiro,Shinyashiki,Kooriyama,Nanjo,Furukawa) and 5 women (Furudate ,Ishikawa Yumi,Kataoka Itsuko,Imai ,Yamashita) but there is no single song played by all 12 persons on a track.

. If you can imagine Renaissance, Mike Oldfield and Malicorne, you are choosing music that is close in many ways to Lucifer who had a musical style thaty is hardly to be found in Japan. Lucifer play progressive folk rock which is sometimes produced in Western Eupore and they add a little of Japanese flavor.

I cannot say that any other bands fit with this one like two peas in a pod. You can feel some flavor of referencial groups (such as Renaissance) in Marginia, but please don't expect an intense resemblance between them. Being formed by hobby rather than as a job, Lucifer are fertile in originality. Though they elaborately produced Marginia, I sense amateurishness in some parts for example when compared to major label albums, you can detect a weakness for arrangement. This quality is in fact a strength - not a weakness and I don't mind it, I love it. If Marginia were released from major label, I don't think it would not maintain this freshness or naivety. Whereas they may gain stability on the surface and in the details - with a major label treatment they would probably lose heartwarming handmade creativity that make this album stand out.

Tracks 5, 6, 12, 13 and 14 are sung in Japanese. The remaining songs are sung in English. Although tracks 12, 13, and 14 are bonus,they are one of noticeable points in this CD.