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Once Above a Time

a Video release
Steve Hackett

Release Year: 2004

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Camino Records

The live DVD was filmed during the second leg of the European To Watch The Storms tour on the 3rd of April 2004 at the Petofi Csarnok in Budapest.

The bonus feature - Backstage in Budapest is an informal documentary filmed during the day leading up to showtime

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  1. Valley Of The Kings
  2. Mechanical Bride
  3. The Circus Of Becoming
  4. Frozen Statues
  5. Slogans
  6. Serpentine Song
  7. Ace Of Wands
  8. Hammer In The Sand
  9. Blood On The Rooftops
  10. Fly On A Windshield
  11. Please Don’t Touch
  12. Firth Of Fifth
  13. If You Can’t Find Heaven
  14. Darktown
  15. Brand New
  16. Air-Conditioned Nightmare
  17. Every Day
  18. Clocks
  19. Spectral Mornings
  20. Los Endos
    Bonus Feature:
  • Backstage in Budapest
Steve Hackett
guitar & vocals
Roger King
Rob Townsend
sax, flute, percussion & vocals
Terry Gregory
bass & vocals
Gary O’Toole
drums, percussion & vocals

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