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Follow My Dream [DVD]

a Video release

Release Year: 2004

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Metal Mind Productions (MMPDVD 0040)

Distributed by Music Video Distributors (MVD). More information on their site.

Featured on this DVD is a concert in Zabrze on 2 May 2004. The DVD also features band interviews, short films and other bonus materials including archive TV materials. It boasts a total running of of 230 minutes!

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  • Follow My Dream Suite
  • Zostalo We Mnie
  • Moja Ziemio Wysnionia
Live at Dom Muzyki / Tarica, Zabrza Feb 1994
  1. Odlot
  2. Hung-Under
  3. Walking Around The Stormy Bay
  4. Freedom With Us
  5. 3rd Reanimation
  6. Going Away
  7. Zywiec Mountain Melody
  8. Drzewko Oliwne
  9. Follow My Dream
  10. Welcome Warm Nights and Days
Bonus Videos:
  • Zespol SBB
  • Golem-Molo
  • Follow My Dream (cartoon)
Also includes:
  • Interviews
  • Discography
  • Biography
  • Desktop Images
  • Art Gallery
  • Web Sites
Józef Skrzek
Keys, harmonica, vocals
Apostolis Antymos
Jerzy Piotrowski

Reviewed by MJBrady on 12 Feb 2005

This is a live performance of SBB during 2004, musically they are very minimalistic emphasizing atmosphere and ambiance. They begin with a vocal track - Follow my Dreams, and later bring in some ballet dancers to accompany the instrumental suites that follow. SBB maintains a very space/prog approach to the compositions, with the synths of Józef Skrzek as the star of the band.

It seems that after the first song, when the troupe of dancers take the stage, the dvd focuses more on their performances and far less on the bands live playing, call it a drama of sorts, with SBB playing the orchestral part behind the artistic performances of the dancers.

Dance is not one of my favorite artistic expressions, so for my tastes this dvd did not really enthuse me, I didn't mind the adaptations of dance to the spacey and drifting prog backdrop, and for those that can appreciate this kind of eclectic expression, this would perhaps make for a nice addition to your dvd collection.

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