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Jongleries elastiques

a Studio release

Release Year: 1996

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The title of this cd means Elastic Juggling 1996 CD Cuneiform 78

There are many changes here, since the hard-hitting 3rd Warning, which was created by a fiery aggressive trio it seems that during the recording of Jongleries élastiques that sax player Sabin Hudon left the band (as he’s credited as an extra musician) after the addition of guitarist and multi-instrumental talent Bernard Falaise. Also, there’s a range of guest musicians playing strings, brass, flute, etc., making for a much richer palette that’s less obviously a 90’s product. With 18 tracks in 62'14'', many of which are linked or segued, it amounts to Miriodor’s most varied yet, and is often almost dizzyingly unpredictable and complex.
From The Miriodor website
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  1. Le lanceur de couteaux (The Knife Thrower)
  2. Bal con (Bloody Party)
  3. Grenaille (Crumb)
  4. Poupees russes (Babouchka)
  5. Funambule (Tightrope Walker)
  6. En bazou dans l'bayou (Three Clowns)
  7. Feve de Lima (Lima Bean)
  8. La dresseur de chenilles (The Caterpillar Tamer)
  9. 34+9 (43)
  10. Igor, l'ours a moto (Igor, the Motorbike Bear)
  11. Le terrible naufrage du petit navire (The Little Ship's Terrible Wreck)
  12. Maree noire (Black Tide)
  13. Thomas l'imposteur (Thomas the Impostor)
  14. Etes-vous costaud? (Strong Men Ring a Bell!)
  15. Telephage (Wire Eater)
  16. Mata Hari
  17. Mme X (Mrs X)
  18. Argentine contre Bresil (Argentina vs Brazil)
Pascal Globensky
piano synthesizers
Rémi Leclerc
drums, percussions, octapad, synthesizers
Bernard Falaise
guitars, bass, mandolin, synthesizers, percussions
Sabin Hudon
saxophones, accordion
Claude St-Jean
Stéphanie Simard
James Darling
Jean-Denis Levasseur
Ivanhoe Jolicoeur
Stefka Iordanova

Reviewed by MJBrady on 02 Sep 2002

If music can get anymore obnoxiously confounding than this, I'd love to hear it! This music is as technical as anything I have ever witnessed, and the instrument components involved make this as much a excercize in perplexity as anything I ever heard to date. When describing this band in mere adjectives, I am left feeling a bit inadequately versed in my attempts to explain just what it is I am hearing. Imagine if you will, the circus band has had a party, someone put LSD in the punch, Zappa and Stravinsky showed up in the spirit and composed some music for the band to play, and they were in rare form, someone had the presence of mind to record it, in high quality stereo, mixed to perfection, and ouila! Sorry if this metaphorical potrayal seems unrealistic, but this band plays music that seems surrealistic to me. In progresive rock circles they refer to this music as RIO, a fitting title for Rock In Opposition, and Miriodor certainly opposes the standard formats for most conveniently labeled music alright. They are a chamber orchestra gone mad, with a composer that has glimpsed into the future of musical theory, and adapted his visions to this contemporary ensemble. This music has many ingredients from the many cultures of progressive. Jazz, classical, world fusion, jazz/rock fusion, avant garde, circus music, horror movie soundtracks, etc. How Miriodor was able to draw from this odd combination of sorts I cannot answer, but I can tell you to be in a very attentive mood when trying this stuff, it is the Rubik's Cube of progressive music.