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Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory

a Studio release
Dream Theater

Release Year: 1999

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Jordan Rudess first contribution.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 6/25/2001 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 11/13/2018 2:31:00 PM by: DBSilver
  1. Scene One: Regression (2:06)
  2. Scene TWO: I.Overture 1928 (3:37)
  3. II.Strange Deja Vu (5:13)
  4. Scene Three: I.Through My Words (1:02)
  5. II.Fatal Tragedy (6:49)
  6. Scene Four: Beyond This Life (11:22)
  7. Scene Five: Through Her Eyes (5:29)
  1. Scene Six: Home (12:53)
  2. Scene Seven: I.The Dance of Eternity (6:13)
  3. II.One Last Time (3:47)
  4. Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On (6:38)
  5. Scene Nine: Finally Free (12:00)
James LaBrie
John Myung
John Petrucci
Mike Portnoy
Jordan Rudess

Reviewed by Rob on 11 Oct 2001

A big project of this super-band.
From the second album the song Metropolis-part-1 was the inspiration to make this concept album
The album starts to tell a story of a girl that died. By hypnotherapist we all are go back in time to expirience the story of Victoria Page
Listen to it and ENJOY. Can't get any better

Reviewed by MJBrady on 29 Nov 2001

Considered many a listeners favorite of 1999, SFAM, has been deemed a classic already by the progmetal community, and deservedly so. When DreamTheater began to make a stir in the genre, they quickly became the measuring stick by which all others would be compared, facilitating extreme musical instrumentation, over the top production, great lyrical concepts, all packaged in a start to finish product. The bands biggest challenges were only to equal or top each prereleased effort, and considering the success of some earlier albums, they would always have their work cut out for them. Well many agree, including myself, that they have attained this goal with SFAM, The addition of keyboardist extraordinaire Jordan Rudess,would prove to be one big reason why, and the new found range of singer LaBrie, who opts to sing in deeper tones this time around, and with improved control and restraint makes the vocals an integral part of the cd. This is a concept cd, based on a dramatic story based on murder, love triangles, political prominence, psychotherapy, and more. Though the story unfolds with each passing song, the "concept" factor is neither distracting or confusing the musical product. The band seems to have raised the octane levels up a few more degrees in the instrumental department, showing some glimpses of the Liquid Tension Experiment sessions on which Rudess took part along with drummer Portnoy and guitarist Petrucci. Rudess is certainly a new and exciting voice on the keyboards, and he has seemingly raised the level of technicality a notch. Petrucci also shows he doesn't stagnate as a musician, his playing was already recognized as one of the elite players, his playing keeps building and expanding very dynamically. Of course Portnoy, and Myung are playing up to their usual fine standards. As a lover of most progressive musics, I am finding DreamTheater a band that can capture many styles making them appealing to a wide audience far beyond Progressive Metal.

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