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The Manzanera Archives - Rare One

a Studio release
Phil Manzanera

Release Year: 2000

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Japanese release cover

This CD contains a variety of tracks culled from various sources - demo tracks, forgotten studio cuts, radio sessions, etc. Its job is to fill in various holes in the Manzanera musical history with tracks that span the full historical range of his work. Many of these tracks have never been heard before.

Song descriptions from the artist web site:

  • RFD Part 2: - from the 'Mainstream' sessions, not currently available anywhere on CD
  • Years of the Quiet Sun: - track from the original Quiet Sun demo featuring the five piece line-up. Phil's first recorded guitar solo)
  • Corazon Y Alma: - Phil's epic Quiet Sun piece recorded for Warner Bros. Went on to become three tracks on Diamond Head, Frontera, Alma and East of Echo
  • Law and Order: - studio recording featuring Paul Thompson on drums
  • Remote Control: - from the same studio session as Law and Order
  • That Falling Feeling: - from the same studio session as Law and Order
  • Down: - a Simon Ainley song demo'd using the Listen Now touring band
  • Broken Hearted: - track recorded with vocalist Jim Diamond
  • The Beat Goes On: - a track recorded in 1991 for Italian TV featuring one of the Saatchi brothers on vocals - no, seriously
  • Tre Amore: - instrumental recorded for project organised by Italian band PFM
  • RFD - the original version of RFD recorded for Warner Bros in 1971
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  1. RFD Part 2
  2. Years of the Quiet Sun
  3. Law and Order
  4. Remote Control
  5. That Falling Feeling
  6. Down
  7. Broken Hearted
  8. The Beat Goes On
  9. Tre Amore
  10. RFD