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a Compilation/Boxed-Set release

Release Year: 2004

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Racket Records (Racket 24)

From the Marillion web site:

    REMIXOMATOSIS is the result of an experiment where we invited anyone anywhere to reconstruct our music.

    We invited talented bunnies out there to remix any of their chosen songs from our Anoraknophobia album. We provided a series of CDs which were effectively the multitracks (or multitrack "stems") of each song on our Anoraknophobia album so that anyone with appropriate music software could deconstruct and rebuild the songs to their hearts' content. We hope you had fun whether or not you made it all the way on to this CD and that perhaps you gained further insight into how we arrange our music. The point of this experiment, however, was for you to take some aspect of our ideas and express yourself.. and as you can hear, the results are many miles away from our originals!

    As this experiment took the form of a competition (the Anoraknophobia Remix Contest), we have selected winners from over 500 entries and all five of us voted for our favourites. Winners have been awarded a cash prize and a place on this CD. The wide range of approaches and styles really surprised us. Some entries made us laugh, some made us grimace, and some knocked us out. It's probably unfair to single out any one remix here so we won't, but it's true to say that one or two of the tracks here really blew us away. We don't pretend that this is a Marillion album, but we hope you enjoy the new and radical takes on our music.

    Runners-Up of the contest will appear onthe Web Christmas 2004 CD, sent out free to all Web Fan Club members in November/December 2004

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  1. Between You and Me
    (Chance's Loopty Heart Remix by Chances End)
  2. When I Meet God
    (Blissed Remix by Gary Hughes)
  3. Quartz
    (Dreamtime Mix by Cameron Lasswell)
  4. If My Heart were a Ball
    (it would Roll Uphill TH Mix by Tito Huapaya)
  5. Number One
    (One Funky Number [re]Mix by Kostia Rapoport)
  6. Separated Out
    (Outré Mix by Carl Homer)
  7. Map of the World
    (Acid Kitsch [re]Mix by Kostia Rapoport )
  8. Fruit of the Wild Rose
    (Lullaby [re]Mix by Kostia Rapoport )
  9. This is the 21st Century
    (Ancient Instinct [re]Mix by Kostia Rapoport)
    Bonus Disc
  1. Between You and Me
    (Marillion vs. Plasma by Robert de Fresens)
  2. Separated Out
    (In the Groove [re]Mix by Kostia Rapoport )
  3. Fruit of the Wild Rose
    (Rose-Tinted Mix by Carl Homer)
  4. Map of the World
    (As We See It Mix by Redroque)
    Chances End
    Gary Hughes
    Cameron Lasswell
    Tito Huapaya
    Kostia Rapoport
    Carl Homer
    Kostia Rapoport
    Robert de Fresens

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