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a Studio release

Release Year: 2004

Date Label Catalog # Comments
25 Feb 2004 CD
2006 Unicorn Digital UNCR-5025 CD (Remastered), Digital
Sphere represents Karcius first full length studio effort. Released in 2003, it has been remastered Richard Addison at Trillium Sound and be released on Unicorn Digital (UNCR-5025) on 4 Mar 2006.
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  1. Kunidé
  2. Liquid meat
  3. Evolution
  4. Lunatik (4,5,6)
  5. Highway to the moon
  6. Synapse
  7. Back to earth
  8. 1111
  9. Labyrinthe
  10. Bois ta musique
  11. Absolute decadence
Dominque Blouin
Simon L'Esperance
Mingan Sauriol
Thomas Brodeur

Reviewed by MJBrady on 31 Mar 2006

Karcius describes themselves as a progressive fusion band, and as I look at my favorite prog/fusion cds, I am reminded that this remains some of my favorite music in the ranging genre mapping of progressive music. Bands like; Brand X, Bruford, UK, David Sancious, National Health, The Dregs are all bands that conjure up fond memories, and more recently bands like; Planet X, LTE, 4 Front, Spaced Out, Matraz are all bands that have shown the effective joining of both prog and fusion, so needless to say, I was greatly anticipating hearing this cd.

. At first listen, I felt as though perhaps I had set my expectations too high, what I was hearing was not anything near the bands that I have listed above, It seemed that my first impressions were not that memorable. But knowing that many bands and artists' music has had this same effect on me in the past, I owed it to myself to continue to really listen in case I was not in the best state of mind the first time I sat through it.

On the second and third spins, is when I discovered that Karcius was in no way trying to be like any of those bands, they really were a band that was creating music from a different panorama of influences altogether. I heard echoes of King Crimson, raw, and calculated music, with tight arrangements, and some occasions towards improvisation, yet I also heard musicians that are competent enough in their instruments to be a band of originality. That was something I missed on the first spin.

In some ways Karcius reminds me more of some of todays more innovative prog/fusion groups, bands that are a bit more on the progressive side, and to a lesser extent, fusion. Djam Karet, Tryo, Exsimio, Kopecky, Kenso are a few bands that are somewhat stylistically inclined to what Karcius sounds like, if not a combination of all of these. They are heavy, not in a metal sense, they are complex while maintaining melodic accompaniment, they are also able to intertwine some unorthodox musics into the overall vibe with solid results. Musicianship is very good, and shows on the occasions where improvisations are injected.

I now find that I am enjoying this cd more and more, proving that most progressive music requires a certain level of attention to pick up on the nuances that the musicians are composing. My expectations were perhaps leaning towards a different style of prog/fusion, yet this style is also one that I enjoy, for different reasons. Karcius' music is definitly recommendable to the fans of more angular progfusion, it's not showoffish, but more concisely detailed in a group setting. The band is very capable of most any kind of music, and what you hear is the very essence of their cumulative personalities as musicians.

As of 2006, this cd was remastered and released by Unicorn Records, who also signed the band for future releases, the remastering was done by Richard Addison of The Addison Project, also a Unicorn artist. His efforts on this were well adapted, as the original pressing was in need of some expertise to enhance the overall sound, hopefully more people will be able to get hold of this cd now that Unicorn has offered a larger distribution of the bands music.

Reviewed by Marc on 03 Apr 2006

It is great that Unicorn has decided to pick up and remaster this excellent Fusion album.

I will not do a comprehensive review of Sphere, because my fellow ProGGnosticator MJBrady has done (as usual) such a great job in reviewing this album.

Sphere by Karcius was a very enjoyable listen for me. They play some excellent Fusion, sometimes bordering on Prog Metal, even though there is a relaxed feeling coming from the music. In fact the emphasis on Sphere is more on the music than it is on performance, a good thing in my humble opinion. Go to the Unicorn website and check these guys out.