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a Compilation/Boxed-Set Cassette release

Release Year: 1992

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Another 'missing album' in the making here, the long gap between "The Wedge" and "Beat the Drum" in the late 80s and the 90s saw a difficult time for the band, with line up changes and a period of licking their wounds from the not so great experience of having been in a bad relationship with their record company at the end of their time with EMI.

This album was released for sale at gigs and by email for the few gigs that were played in the mid 90s.

Many of these tracks later went on to form the basis of 'Beat The Drum', when the line up that recorded The Wedge was re-assembled.

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    Side A
  1. Voices In The Dark
  2. The Real World
  3. Hide and Seek
  4. Win Or Lose
  5. Man Of Principles
  6. Ghosts
  7. Meanwhile.....
    Side B
  1. All Or Nothing
  2. North Tonight
  3. Wall To Wall
  4. I Believe In Father Christmas
  5. Morning Fleet
  6. Bleak House
  7. Submarine
  8. Dinosaur
  9. Holiday
  10. Tibet
  11. Tokyo Detective
  12. Syanara
Ronnie Brown
Derek Forman
drums, percussion
Euan Lowson
Niall Mathewson
Graeme Murray
bass, vocals