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Wooden Smoke Alseep

a Studio release
Mike Keneally

Release Year: 2002

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The limited edition version of Wooden Smoke features this 'second' disc called Wooden Smoke Asleep. containing, among other thins - excerpts and alternate versions from the Wooden Smokesessions. The first 2000 of the special editions were signed and numbered by Mike Keneally.

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  1. David Lynch's Curtains
  2. Me, Innate
  3. 4 Legs
  4. The Canyon
  5. Kane St.
  6. Testing
  7. Paloma
  8. Boom 2001
  9. Hi
  10. Haunted Wind
  11. The Velvet Of Knowing
  12. The Haunted Wind Of Commanche
  13. David Lynch's Curtains-Sleepwalk With Me
  14. Thanks
  15. Nanny-Ass Coda
  16. And, So
  17. Mumbledy Bag
  18. Manhattan

Mike Keneally
Guitar, Vocals

Bryan Beller

Rick Musallam

Chris G.

Nathan Hubbard
Percussion, Drums, Sounds

Tricia Steel

Lee Elderton

Marcelo Radulovich