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Finding New Ways To Love

a Studio release
Tim Burness

Release Year: 2004

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Released by Expanding Consciousness (EXPAND 13).
Kinesis and Big Balloon are distributing the album in America, Musea in France and Europe.
Fudge Smith is the drummer of well known neo-prog group Pendragon.
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 8/10/2004 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Count In
  2. Open Man With An Open Heart
  3. Stepping Out
  4. Returning To You
  5. Heal Your Soul
  6. Unstoppable Waves Of Joy
  7. An Interlude With Monty
  8. Beneath The Surface
  9. Love Is For Giving
  10. Tomorrow's God
  11. Walk Through The Darkness
  12. One Dream
Tim Burness
Vocals, guitars, Keyboards, percussion, e-bow and programming
Fudge Smith
Keith Hastings
Monty Oxy Moron
Will Fry
Julian Tardo
Martin Franklin
Chris Cordrey
Hammer dulcimer

Reviewed by Marc on 10 Aug 2004

Finding New Ways To Love is the first CD from Tim Burness I have had the chance to listen to. It is one of the more interesting new albums I have put in my CD player in 2004.

Usually when writing a review, I like to make references to well known artists to give the reader a good idea of the type of music to expect. In this particular case this will be difficult to do for two reasons : Finding New Ways To Love is a very varied album and Tim Burness has his own style.

The tracks on Finding New Ways To Love can actually be separated into two main categories. About half are song based. Most of them could be compared to the rock/pop music produced by Steve Hackett. Catchy tunes complemented by interesting and very well performed music. One track, Stepping Out, does have a Peter Gabriel feel to it. Tim Burness has a very nice (if not powerful) voice. Al Stewart could be an acceptable reference point.

As for the instrumentals, they are mostly of the electronic/ambient genre. They are inserted in between the rockier pieces and make very nice interludes.

Finding New Ways To Love is an album I would not hesitate to recommend to fans of Steve Hackett, Peter Gabriel and of good intelligent rock music in general. The lyrics carry an uplifting message that complements the listening experience. Check out the music downloads available at the Tim Burness website to get an idea for yourself.