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Out Of The Blue (and the New English Rock Ensemble)

a Studio release
Rick Wakeman

Release Year: 2001

Date Label Catalog # Comments
Music Fusion (MFCD005)
Recorded April 21st 2001 at the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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  1. Journey to the Centre of the Earth 16:43
  2. Buried Alive 6:45
  3. Jane Seymour 4:42
  4. No Earthly Connection/The Prisoner 11:49
  5. Catherine Parr 9:45
  6. The Visit 5:40
  7. Return of the Phantom 2:20
  8. Starship Trooper 7:21
  9. Wurm 9:20
Rick Wakeman
Adam Wakeman
Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Tony Fernandez
Drums & Percussion
Damian Wilson
Ant Glynne
Guitars & Backing Vocals
Lee Pomeroy

Reviewed by Marc on 24 Oct 2007

A very nice live recording by Wakeman and his accolades. The sound is crystal clear and the performance flawless. Much of the tracks here are better than the originals, mostly because of the excellent vocals (that was not always the case on Wakeman projects of old).

If you are a Rick Wakeman fan it does not get much better than this.

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