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How Dare You!

a Studio release

Release Year: 1976

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1976 LP
10cc/Producer-Engineer, Roger Wake/Digital Remastering, Hipgnosis/Design, George Hardie/Cover Design, Howard Bartrop/Photography, Mike Gill/Coordination, Chris White/Liner Notes
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 12/1/2000 12:00:00 AM
Entry Last Updated on: 2/6/2016 3:06:00 AM by: DBSilver
  1. How Dare You (4:15)
  2. Lazy Ways (4:23)
  3. I Wanna Rule the World (3:59)
  4. I'm Mandy, Fly Me (5:23)
  5. Iceberg (3:43)
  6. Art for Art's Sake (6:02)
  7. Rock 'N' Roll Lullaby (4:00)
  8. Head Room (4:24)
  9. Don't Hang Up (6:19)

Bonus Track on CD

  1. Get It While You Can (2:55)
Graham Gouldman
Guitar, Bass, Dobro, Glockenspiel, Tambourine, Vocals, Zither, Double Bass, Slide Guitar, Cowbell, Spanish Guitar, Rizo-Rizo
Eric Stewart
Bass, Guitar, Piano, Pedal Steel Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Slide Guitar, Fuzz Bass
Lol Creme
Organ, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Maraccas, Recorder, Tambourine, Vocals, Clavinet, Moog Synthesizer, Handclapping, Vibraphone, Sleigh Bells, Effects
Kevin Godley
Percussion, Bongos, Castanets, Conga, Drums, Maraccas, Tambourine, Timbales, Triangle, Vocals, Handclapping, Tympani, Cabassa, Cowbell

Reviewed by DBSilver on 01 Dec 2000

Not prog? -- Songs like: I'm Mandy Fly Me, Art For Art's Sake, and I wanna Rule The World earn 10cc a place in any prog land. Not prog like Yes or Genesis for sure, but prog is far bigger than those two bands.

Reviewed by Eric on 10 Jun 2006

What would be the last album featuring the classic line-up of Stewart/ Gouldman/ Godley/ Crème, How Dare You! is quite possibly 10cc’s finest hour. Again, the music here ranges from the outrageous I Wanna Rule The World to the offbeat Don’t Hang Up from the dynamic duo of Godley and Crème to the pure pop of Lazy Ways, I’m Mandy Fly Me and the hit single Art For Arts Sake from Stewart and Gouldman. Unlike 10cc's previous outings, How Dare You! highlights the deep divisions in song writing philosophy within the group, yet considering the tensions the band were experiencing, the album is one of their most cohesive records to date. It’s a shame this version of 10cc ended so quickly.