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a Studio release

Release Year: 1978

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1978 Arceden Music

Though the album was copyrighted in 1977 it was not released till 1978. 

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  1. Eden's Child (6:45)
  2. Arcturus (9:41)
  3. Earthrise (5:48)
  4. New Clear Dawn (11:06)
Greg DiDonato
Drums, Percussion
Bill Drobile
Keyboards, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Kenn Pierog
Bass Guitar, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Lead and Background Vocals

Reviewed by Eric on 24 Mar 2005

A long time ago in the dark days before the internet, I found a contact that ran me a tape(s) of 4 or 5 rare US progressive albums. Honest to God, I couldn’t tell you his name or what kind of tape trade we made, but He wasn’t from the States. That I do remember. Anyway, Earthrise was one of those albums. I have never seen an actual copy of the LP, but still have the tape believe it or not and most of it is somewhat playable despite spots of distortion here and there.
What I hear is a cross between ELP, Yes and Camel. Pretty much standard progressive rock for the time, but well played. Arcturus has a little Starcastle feel with Herb Schildt styled keyboard runs for added effect, but for some reason while I think this is a good album, it just didn’t knock me over as one of the great US Progressive albums. I’m not a big Happy the Man fan either so take my comments with a grain of salt. This is worth picking up through the Earthrise web site and they deserve your support. I might do the same to get a better copy.