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a Studio release
Phil Manzanera

Release Year: 2004

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This CD is scheduled for release on 19 July on Hannibal Records. Comprehensive information is available on the Manzanera web site.
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  1. Broken dreams
  2. Green Spikey Cactus
  3. Love Devotion
  4. Wish You Well
  5. 6pm
  6. Waiting For The Sun to Shine
  7. Manzra

    The Cissbury Ring:

  8. Cissbury Ring
  9. Porlock
  10. Shoreline
  11. Always You
  12. Sacred Days
Phil Manzanera
Vocals, guitars, piano, keys
Paul Thompson
Chrissie Hynde
Backing vocals, harmonica
Brian Eno
Enotonic treatments
Robert Wyatt
Drums, trumpet, vocals, keys
Andy Mackay
Sax, oboe
David Gilmour
Lead guitar trk 12/13
Yarron Stavi
Double bass
Brendon Jury
Nigel Simpson
Jamie Johnson
Bass guitar
Bill Maccormick
Bass guitar solo