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Testimony Live DVD

a Live Video release
Neal Morse (The Neal Morse Band)

Release Year: 2004

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This is a 2 DVD set from Radiant Records
Official release dates: PAL version – July 5. NTSC version – July 13
This release comes in a slipcase with a 16 page full color enhanced booklet containing photographs from the tour.

Testimony LIve was recording in Tilburg, Netherlands on the 17 November 2003. This is also the same location where the Spock’s Beard and Transatlantic DVDs that include Neil Morse were also filmed.

DVD 1 is the complete Testimony performed live.
DVD 2 tracks are from the encore - and are songs from Spock’s Beard and Transatlantic catalogues.

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    The entire Testimony album:
    Part -1
  1. The land of beginning again
  2. Overture n°. 1
  3. California nights
  4. Colder in the sun
  5. Sleeping Jesus
  6. Interlude
  7. The prince of the power of the air
  8. The promise
  9. Wasted life
    Part - 2
  10. Overture n°. 2
  11. Break of day
  12. Power in the air
  13. Somber days
  14. Long story
  15. It's all i can do
    Part - 3
  16. Transformation
  17. Ready to try
  18. Sing in high
    Part - 4
  19. Moving in my heart
  20. I am willing
  21. In the middle
  22. The storm before the calm
  23. Oh, to feel Him
  24. God's theme
    Part - 5 - 10:33
  25. Overture n°. 3
  26. Rejoice
  27. Oh Lord My God
  28. God's theme 2
  29. The land
  1. We All Need Some Light
  2. The Light
  3. Stranger In Your Soul
  4. 70 minute Tour Documentary featuring rare behind the scenes footage from the rehearsals to the last gig in California.
Neal Morse
vocals, guitar and keyboards
Mike Portnoy
drums and vocals
Eric Brenton
guitar, violin, flute, mandolin and vocals
John Krovosa
electric cello
Bert Baldwin
keyboards and vocals
Rick Altizer
guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals
Randy George
bass, keyboards and vocals
Mark Leniger
percussion, saxophone, vocals

Reviewed by Marc on 29 Oct 2004

The last few weeks were good to me. I got to do an interview with Neal Morse and I also received his new great double DVD Testimony Live, recorded at the 013, Tilburg (NL) on the 17th November 2003.

DVD 1 goes through all the tracks from Neal's solo album Testimony. In his review of it our own MJBrady had this to say : "This is some very progressive music in the fullest definition of the word. It is everything that progrock fans like...". Since I agree with MJBrady's comment, I was quite excited to get to hear (and watch) Testimony in a live setting. So, how about the show? Well it is great. Neal Morse is in top form. Slim, looking very happy and relaxed. All the musicians are highly talented, in good spirits and give a near perfect performance. Mike Portnoy, by far the better known of the bunch to prog rock fans, is not as exhuberant as he is with Dream Theater, but still manages to excite the crowd quite a bit with his incredible drumming.

OK, the show is great, what about the film? Personnally, I buy quite a few concert DVDs. This one is a the top of the list quality wise. O13 is a very nice and intimate setting for a show. The crowd is appreciative and very well behaved. The film's director did a great job. Too often, in concert videos (often of internationnally acclaimed acts), you get a close-up of the guitar player during a great keyboard solo. This really gets me frustrated, but is definitively not the case with Testimony Live. Add to that some great sound and no annoying "artistic" content (such as computer effects, slides...) and there you are. A great show, well recorded and filmed. This is as close as you can get to an actual live performance.

DVD 2 would habe been worth the purchase price by itself. Three songs (one from Spock's Beard and two from Transatlantic) but clocking at nearly one hour, a 70 minute tour documentary and a photo gallery. Just an incredible finish to a great evening.

What can I add? If you are a Neal Morse fan (or of one of his former bands) this one is a must have. Highly recommended.

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