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Pardon Our French

a Studio release
French TV

Release Year: 2004

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All songs recorded at LOUISVILLE RECORDING ARTS with Howie Gano and Warren Dale
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 9/25/2004 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Everything Works in Mexico
  2. Sekala dan Niskala
  3. The "Pardon our French" Medley
  4. Tears of a velvet clown
  5. The Ruff Tuff Creampuffs Take Over
Chris Smith
guitars, electric violin, banjo, viola, rebab, percussions
Warren Dale
Keys, Saxes, bass clarinet, melodica, toys, saxello, clarinet, suppressed laughter, baritone sax, accordion, samplers, flutes, harmonica, whirling tube
Mike Sary
bass, keys
Jeff Gard
drums, percussions
    Richard Adrian Steiger
    tabla, dumbek, riq, percussion
    Natalie Nichole Gilbert
    vocals, homework
    Denise Gilbert
    spoken vocals, coaching
    Howie Gano
    a wee bit of piano & string synth
    Stephanie Dale
    Steven Dale
    Will Stewart
    Pam Thompson
    tuba, euphonium, trombone

Reviewed by MJBrady on 16 Oct 2004

This intricately complex band has been laboring away for quite some time now, and to me, they fall into a category all of their own, and fit into a unique group of bands that offer the highest level of musical talent, paired with extreme technical brilliance behind their compositions. While these bands have nothing really in common musically, I feel that they are truely the most unique and progressive bands today, Miriodir, After Crying, Estradasphere, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, and French TV, are all bands that encompass outrageous musical talent, vision, and skilled composers at the wheel of musical direction.

It's as if these bands are comprised of angry and misled classical musicians that became rebellious towards their music and snobbish culture. Yet, what we gain from such twisted minds is some of the most interesting progressive rock music that the mind can handle. French TV has no boundaries, non whatsoever, they will bombard the senses from every possible angle, whether it's with mesmerizing complexity, or spacy synths, huge symphonic backdrops, and sizzling soloists. You better be prepared for something new every few seconds. As is the case with all French TV recordings, you will have to spend a good couple years of steady listening to fully digest all of what is French TV's music.

They also continue to improve as a unit, never relying on past accollades, the band depends on invention for their musical endeavors. And each member of the band, and it's guests are all providing the ingenuity for what sounds like spontaneous genius. When I referenced the bands above, I hold these bands in the highest regard for their dedication as musicians, and for their integrity towards progressive music of the most difficult variety. And as dificult as the music must be to compose, the ears of the listener must also be willing to comprehend the music in all if it's intricasies.

So in respect to what the band has acheived on this cd, prospective fans should consider the level of their appreciation for complexity and a broad spectrum of musical influence before taking the TV dare. As for fans of TV and the others bands listed here, you know what to do.