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Roz Vitalis

Release Year: 2003

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30 Apr 2003 Digital

EP-album titled "Painsadist' is the forgotten excerpt from the early period of Roz Vitalis's activity. In those times Roz Vitalis was purely studio project and did not play concerts. This free-to-download stuff - like "L'Ascensione" (2002) and "Lazarus" (2003) albums - is only for those who like "RIO meets Progressive Electronic" style and does not reject low budget digital synth sound.

The last track - Painsadist (Ascension DreaMix) - is really abridged version of "Ascension Dream", epic from "L'Ascensione" album (but contemporary versions are much more abridged, listen to "Lavoro d'Amore" (2015) album and/or some live releases between 2009 and 2022).

The opening/title track - Painsadist - is the longest version of composition that was highlight of the Roz Vitalis concerts in 2009-2014 and included in "Revelator" (2011) album released by Mals Records. Furthermore, Play with Everlasting Fire and Exodus are among most complicated Roz Vitalis' tracks...

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  1. Painsadist
  2. Vision Of Loving Fire
  3. Play With Everlasting Fire
  4. Exodus
  5. Miles Inside
  6. Smile Tonight
  7. Painsadist (Ascension Dream Mix)

Ivan Rozmainsky
Keyboards, mouse, wind & music except (5) & lyrics

Nadezhda Regentove
Voice & music (7)

Vladimir Polyakov
Lyrics, keyboards (5), (6) & music (5), (6)


Natalia Agapova: Voice (4)

Reviewed by Ronald on 18 Jun 2004

Roz Vitalis-Painsadist.

Roz Vitalis plays Rio. So what is Rio? RIO, or Rock-In-Opposition, is a sub-genre of progressive rock that is as difficult to describe as it can be to listen to. That is not a criticism, but merely a fact. RIO bands tend to be influenced more by 20th century classical music rather than the earlier classical that influenced the symphonic bands. The music is extremely challenging complex and, for most, is an acquired taste. Henry Cow, Univers Zero, Thinking Plague, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

From the titeltrack to the last track the whole album is complex with structures of mayhem and chaos-theory.

This is a great album for anyone who is into RIO-Music.

A big thumbs up

rating:85 %