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It's My Life

a Studio release
Talk Talk

Release Year: 1984

Date Label Catalog # Comments
LP Divine Recordings 224
Added To Proggnosis Database on: 5/7/2004 12:00:00 AM
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  1. Dum Dum Girl - 3:52
  2. Such a Shame - 5:43
  3. Renée - 6:23
  4. It's My Life - 3:54
  5. Tomorrow Started - 5:59
  6. The Last Time - 4:24
  7. Call in the Night Boy - 3:48
  8. Does Caroline Know? - 4:41
  9. It's You - 4:42
Henry Lowther
Ian Curnow
Tim Friese-Greene
Lee Harris
Mark Hollis
Robbie McIntosh
Morris Pert
Phil Ramocon
Paul Webb

Reviewed by Eric on 08 May 2004

Beautiful cover art aside, Talk Talk stayed true to the ‘synth pop’ style of the first album, while showing a marked improvement in song writing and delivering a classic of the genre. Really good stuff and not intrusive or over-produced as most albums from this era tended to be. The title track It’s My Life is a current ‘hit’ single for the group No Doubt. Not sure what to make of this as No Doubt are one of the most dreadful bands I have heard. Although it’s nice to hear Talk Talk’s music getting greater exposure and a couple years ago the song Talk Talk from the debut was featured on a cell phone commercial, it’s not the later experimental music they are getting credit for which is far more interesting. Still, I’m sure it’s paying the bills and putting food on the table for a band that deserved so much more.